Commercial & Voice over

We provide professional voice over or commercial production for bespoke projects including for Television, Film, Radio, Podcasts etc. 


Video or conference calling directly from the booth and control room


Record voice overs directly to film


Go-pro 10 for direct live streaming

Industry standard tools for creating musical scores


Some of our previous clients include:

- The BBC

- BBC world service

- passion films

- re-produciton

- oxford university 

- oxford city council 

- Oxford Brookes university

- DAW media

- Young Lives

- blue communications

- Ronseal

- Pitt Rivers museum

- oxford museum 

- Chora Media

& a range of independent voice artists working on commercial productions.

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Vocal Chain

We run two simultaneous vocal chains, in order to provide solid, clean, industry-standard vocal sound. 

Chain 1:


- Neuman tlm1o3 microphone 

- Solid state logic preamp

- logic pro-x

Chain 2: 

- u87 clone microphone 

- Focusrite preamp

- 1176 compressor 

- pultec Eq

- focusrite vocal channel strip

post production

We can provide extensive post-production editing and mixing of vocals Including:

- pitch and timing correction

- surgical editing

- noise removal

- speech to midi

- 5.1 surround mixing

Plugin's from: 

- Waves 

- SSL Native

- NAtive instruments ultimate

- Izotope

- Focusrite

- Softube

- Slate digital

- valhalla